By: Peggy Campbell September 2, 2020

1 – Huzzah!

2 – As in “the little brown” one who jumped over the fence

3 – Old-fashioned coin-operated machine that plays music

4 – From birth to death

5 – America

6 – Dynamite

7 – The air we breathe

8 – Place a wager

9 – Bright planet seen in the eastern sky before or at sunrise

10 -Atom or molecule with a net electric charge due of the loss or gain of one or more electrons 🙂

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Answers to last week’s  “PORTMANTEAUs” Trivia:

Today’s grammar lesson in case you didn’t know.  A “portmanteau” is not only a large trunk but it is also a word blending the sounds and combining the meanings of two words.  See how many you can guess from clue—and name the two words that make up the “portmanteau.”

1-Good place to stop overnight while on a road trip            MOTEL (Motor Hotel)

2-Jerry Lewis may have been more famous for his, held every Labor Day for more than 40 years, on behalf of MDA            TELETHON (Television Marathon)

3-Popular on Sunday at favorite restaurants             BRUNCH (Breakfast Lunch)

4-UK’s outlook on the EU            BREXIT (British Exit)

5-Team that takes care of toxic waste              HAZMAT (Hazardous Materials)

6-When I was a kid, when bad, we did recess inside; now the word is mostly heard in conjunction with requisite certificate on car equipment

      SMOG (Smoke Fog) … or as an acronym—Simple Measure of Gobbledygook … SO MUCH BETTER THESE DAYS!

7-End life by means of current               ELECTROCUTION (Electric Execution)

8-Loudspeaker system that sends audio messages to selected people, often used in offices      INTERCOM (Internal Communication)

9-Flaky iced pastry             CRONUT (Croissant Donut)

10-An episodic series of spoken word digital audio files that a user can download to a personal device for easy listening             PODCAST (Ipod Broadcast)



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