By: Peggy Campbell August 26, 2020

Today’s grammar lesson in case you didn’t know.  A “portmanteau” is not only a large trunk but it is also a word blending the sounds and combining the meanings of two words.  See how many you can guess from clue—and name the two words that make up

1-Good place to stop overnight while on a road trip

2-Jerry Lewis may have been more famous for his, held every Labor Day for more than 40 years, on behalf of MDA

3-Popular on Sunday at favorite restaurants

4-UK’s outlook on the EU

5-Team that takes care of toxic waste

6-When I was a kid, when bad, we did recess inside; now the word is mostly heard in conjunction with requisite certificate on car equipment

7-End life by means of current

8-Loudspeaker system that sends audio messages to selected people, often used in offices

9-Flaky iced pastry

10-An episodic series of spoken word digital audio files that a user can download to a personal device for easy listening 😊

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Answers to last week’s  “TRIPLETS” Trivia:

Three words each answer … spelled different but sound the same.  Easy!

1-Yes; me; home of the pupil     Aye; I; eye

2-Baseball’s requisite circling; mellifluous section of the choir; justification  Bases; basses; basis

3-Acquire by payment; alongside; so long!    Buy; by; bye!

4-Early AM moisture; owed; carry out             Dew; due; do

5-Impoverished; skin hole; serve a drink        Poor; pore; pour

6-Falls on the just and unjust; hold royal office; helpful in stopping the horse    Rain; reign; rein

7-Jasmine, black, Earl Grey, et al; pester; home for Titleist Pro V1       Teas; tease; tees

8-Mrs. Ram; coniferous tree; not me!             Ewe; yew; you!

9-Goldi had them; Nessie’s home; salmon at its best?            Locks; lochs; lox

10-Twosome; tree for the partridge; trim       Pair; pear; pare

BONUS:  Give me another trio for Triplets Part 2!      STAY TUNED!


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