By: Peggy Campbell March 11, 2021

1-Founded in 1585, settlers here had vanished by 1590—including the first child born in America, Virginia Dare.

2-He was president of the Teamsters union for more than a decade but disappeared in 1975, presumed “hit” by the Mafia.

3-She was America’s darling aviatrix who was the first female to fly solo over the Atlantic—and vanished someplace in the Pacific.

4-Originally eight-inches, the 5.25-inch version held 350 KB of data and was the standard medium for software packaging.

5-He hijacked a Boeing 727 flying between Portland and Seattle, parachuting with $200K in extorted funds in hand.

6-First woman to preach a sermon wirelessly, second woman granted a broadcast license … she went missing in 1926, disappearing from Ocean Park Beach in Santa Monica.  (She came back a month later tho J.)

7-Clark Kent’s go-to spot for change-over.

8-Illusionist know for escape acts, disappearing from locked trunks and such.

9-Caught up in a whirlwind, he “disappeared” into the heavens, for good.  Yes, it was good.

10-Mystery writer extraordinaire, she was missing inexplicably for 11 days.  When found, she had no clue as to what happened.

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Answers to last week’s “KNOW BASKETBALL?” Trivia:

1-Holds a skirt out, especially used in mid-1800s      HOOP

2-Dip the donut      DUNK

3-Opens a lock        KEY

4-Greatly diminished during a pandemic—just ask the airlines            TRAVEL

5-Visible joint between upper and lower parts of the arm             ELBOW

6-Where you protest your parking ticket—which I’m sure you do       COURT

7-Engine, Ice, Cheese, Heart, Writer’s, e.g.     BLOCK

8-According to Charles Wesley (and on President Bush’s desk), what he had                        CHARGE 😊

9-Where Jim’s golf ball “never” goes   OUT OF BOUNDS

10-Get over a broken heart by falling in love again, maybe too quickly?         REBOUND


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