By: Michelle Blood July 31, 2017

According to Grace to You, in John MacArthur’s nearly 50 years as a pastor, some of his most popular and influential sermons were first preached in front of thousands of pastors at the annual Shepherd’s Conference. This month, on “Grace to You” five of those conference sermons will become a brand-new study on what it means to follow Jesus in the 21st century.

Lessons for a Modern-Day Disciple … airing August 7-20

Then later this month, John takes us back to creation to reveal the origin of evil and how we can overcome its tragic effects in our life.

Where Did Sin Begin? … airing August 28-September 3

Both of these studies are fundamental lessons for your listeners–whether they are a mature Christian or a new believer.  So make sure you invite your audience to tune in this month to the verse-by-verse teaching of John MacArthur.  As you’ll read below, your partnership in bringing “Grace to You” to your community is having a “multiplied” impact.

“I help lead a weekly Bible study at work.  Before I found your sermons online (I also listen to “Grace to You” in Chicago most weeknights), I used several study tools to try to get a full understanding of the week’s passage.  Many times I still didn’t get a full-enough understanding, or I wasn’t able to answer questions I had.  But your sermons so thoroughly explain each passage verse by verse that I am much more confident–your sermons have led me to a new level of understanding. I thank God for Grace to You!”  — Randy, Palatine IL

To learn more about the study tools available to your listeners this month, download the Program Tool Kit.  You’ll also find in the kit the full details about the rest of August programming.

Did you know you can receive monthly updates directly from the ministry?  Their e-newsletter provides the latest on content, new resources, daily devotionals, and upcoming broadcasts.  As always, you should contact me with any questions related to programming and promotion but if you want to receive ministry updates directly, be sure to sign-up for Grace Now.

It goes without saying, we appreciate all you do on behalf of Grace to You.  With so much uncertainty in today’s culture, we’re grateful we can count on you to bring the certainty of God’s Word and these fundamental lessons to your audience every day.


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