By: Jennifer Perez November 6, 2017

“Gratitude is a lifestyle. A hard-fought, grace-infused, biblical lifestyle.” – Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

Thanksgiving is just over two weeks away! You may have started to make your grocery list, bake, or get your home ready for guests. But are you preparing your heart?

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth says . . .

After more than two decades of ministry to hurting people, I have come to believe that a failure to give thanks is at the heart of much, if not most, of the sense of gloom, despair, and despondency that is so pervasive even among believers today. Furthermore, many of the sins that are plaguing and devastating our society can be traced back to the oft-undetected root of unthankfulness.

The “attitude of gratitude” is something that desperately needs to be cultivated in our hearts, our homes, and our society. Its presence brings a host of other blessings, while its absence has profound, lethal repercussions.

On November 1st, Revive Our Hearts launched a 30-day Gratitude Challenge and about 20,000 listeners signed up to accept the challenge to grow in gratitude. For those participating, each day’s email includes a short devotional by Nancy, a daily challenge, and optional action steps to help pursue a lifestyle of gratitude.

Nancy covers the four main themes of thanksgiving: to God, to others, for everyday things, and during difficult times.

I know that personally, when I get down or discouraged, or am in a crummy mood, focusing on what I’m thankful for has always served as the remedy because it brings about a host of blessings!

Developing an attitude of gratitude . . . it truly is your journey to joy!

For more on this topic, go here. And, download the November Toolkit to help promote upcoming broadcasts, including special Thanksgiving programs.

We’re thankful for you!


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