By: Michelle Blood December 20, 2017

On my way into work this morning, I heard one pastor share that in 2017, they saw tens of thousands of people make a profession of faith.  Some folks wonder if their conversion is real, but it’s the pastor’s hope it is and his prayer thousands more will come to Christ in 2018.

The question many of these new believers might be asking, however, is “How do I know for sure I’m a Christian, that I’m not deceiving myself?”

That’s where John MacArthur can help.  Kicking off the New Year, “Grace to You” begins a study on the Myths about Salvation (airing January 2-28).  John provides key answers, and eleven quick tests, to help listeners understand if their faith is real, their sins paid for, and if their eternal destination is certain.

This series also looks at the marvelous blessings that come from having salvation assurance, some of which your listeners may have never considered before.

For a complete listing of broadcast titles and scripted promos, download the January Program Tool Kit now.  On the second page you’ll find a list of resources available, including Is it Real?–a booklet outlining the eleven biblical tests for determining if salvation is genuine.  Encourage your audience to get their copy–maybe not for themselves but a new believer they know–especially in January when it’s free to anyone contacting the ministry for the first time.

Hard to believe we’re close to ringing in 2018.  I rarely make a list of new year’s resolutions because I rarely keep any :-), but this time I have three in mind.  For starters, my husband and I are beginning afresh a study of the Scriptures.  We both have a copy of the 20th anniversary edition of the MacArthur Study Bible and a copy of John’s “Fundamentals of the Faith.”  While we have assurance of our salvation, now more than ever we’re looking forward to growing together in our understanding of God and His Word.

With great anticipation for my year ahead, here’s hoping yours is filled with all you hope and pray for!


P.S.  In case you were curious, my other two resolutions are to spend less time on my smartphone and more time reading books.


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