By: Peggy Campbell June 3, 2021

1-Name the theme song of an ensemble of very short men.

2-A type of political campaigning where the candidate makes a series of brief appearances, often from the platform at the caboose.

3-The title of a classic written by Fredric Buechner (also a phrase meaning to summon up courage in scary situation).

4-The painting of his mother is this artist’s best-known work.

5-To bring something to the attention of other people in order to stop something bad from happening.

6-To satisfy one’s thirst, to have a drink.

7-Haunting tune written by Hank Williams, this was also a big Johnny Cash hit.

8-Phrase from the South that means someone isn’t kidding around.

9-Completely free of dirt, neat in appearance.

10-Titled “The Fishin’ Hole,” this lyric-less tune served as theme song for what beloved TV hit of the 60s starring a “future lawyer” and a little kid who grew up to produce movie hits J.  Aha—you won’t stop … you know what … all day now!

Answers to last week’s “B.C.” Trivia:

Just to say … my parents got this going 😊!  I never turn down assistance!

1-Husband of former Secretary of State/presidential contender     BILL CLINTON

2-Bob Hope partner of crooning fame     BING CROSBY

3-American Sniper who was Gaga over co-star in another movie     BRADLEY COOPER

4-Eponymous hero of Stalag 13     BOB CRANE

5-Robert Leroy Parker [I try to make a prior quiz valuable 😊]     BUTCH CASSIDY … which you would know from the nickname quiz!

6-Long-tenured NBC sportscaster, prime-time host of 11 Olympic games     BOB COSTAS

7-This “Gentle Ben” has won two Masters Tournaments     BEN CRENSHAW

8-SNL cast member, Oscars host, “Miracle Max” in Princess Bride      BILLY CRYSTAL

9-Ground-breaking actor (“I Spy”), Jello spokesman, “Dr. Huxtable” … now ignominy     BILL COSBY

10-Nicknamed after the animal he hunted on the frontier, star of wild west shows of late 1800s     (Buffalo) BILL CODY

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