By: Jennifer Perez May 1, 2017

It’s not every day when a program host gets to interview their spouse on the subject of marriage.  Well, all this week on “Revive Our Hearts,” listeners will get to hear a special conversation with Nancy and her husband, Robert Wolgemuth who has authored a new book called, “Like the Shepherd: Leading Your Marriage with Love and Grace.”

Robert speaks to husbands and wives in stating, “When a husband learns to lead like the Savior, the wife doesn’t follow his lead because he tells her to.  She follows his lead because she’s chosen to, because she wants to be like him.”

Does it ever seem like embracing your God-given role in marriage is a burden?  Robert says, when you live out the life God designed you to have, it is a source of great joy.  When men embrace God’s calling on their lives and women embrace God’s calling for them, families flourish.

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For Mother’s Day

You may have heard of the Kendrick Brothers, filmmakers who brought us the movie, “War Room.”  On Friday, May 12th, listeners will hear from the woman who taught them about prayer and continues to pray for each of their projects.  Get to know this unsung hero behind the scenes as “Revive Our Hearts” presents a special Mother’s Day program called The Power of a Mother’s Prayer.

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