By: Lee Ann Jackson April 9, 2018

One of my favorite lines from the movie Freaky Friday is when Jamie Lee Curtis yells out to her daughter, “Make good choices!” as she drops her off at school. I adopted that line and have been using it on my youngest daughter for years.

I say “make good choices” to my daughter because I want her to slow down enough to think about her decisions before making them. I want her to fully understand that life is a series of decisions, from what shirt to wear on a hot day and which classes to take, to the friends she chooses. And with those choices, come the resulting consequences – good, bad or indifferent.

I don’t just encourage my daughter to make good choices though; I pray for her and with her to make good choices . . . God honoring choices.

I pray the same for myself.

In her most recent book, The Daniel Key, Anne Graham Lotz shares about 20 choices that make all the difference – choices Daniel made in his life. She writes,

“Every day we make multiple choices, from the time we choose to get out of bed in the morning, to the time we choose to go back to bed in the evening.  Some choices are practical, some are emotional, and some are social.  But the ones that make all the difference in the life are our moral and spiritual choices.  These choices, in a very real way, determine our character and our success as human beings.”

As she does in her daily and weekly radio programs, “Daily Light for Daily Living” and “Living in the Light,” Anne always goes back to God’s Word.   Reflecting on Daniel, she notes that he was a man who made right choices again and again . . . choices which would result in a man whose character and faith were so strong that he stands out as a “colossal giant in history.”Anne looks at the life of Daniel and his choices as they outlined the path which drew him to a close relationship with God.  Choices which resulted in a model for godly living . . . choices such as:

  • The choice to trust.
  • The choice to obey.
  • The choice to pray.
  • The choice to worship.
  • The choice to repent.

My youngest is now 16 years old and is beginning to make choices which will outline her life path  . . . choices that, as Anne shares, could “make all the difference” and, prayerfully, lead to a closer relationship with Christ!

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  • Ava Zettel

    Precious – I’m sending this to my granddaughter!! Thanks LeeAnn!

  • Lee Ann Jackson

    Thank you, Ava . . . it’s such a great book to pass down – your granddaughter will cherish it!


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