By: Lee Ann Jackson July 15, 2018

It’s said that the only constant in the technology industry is change.  What’s also constantly changing though is who is using technology and how . . . and moms have been a powerful catalyst for tech innovation.

Moms have some strong characteristics and tendencies that continue to take shape as they become more invested with smartphones, social networking and just getting online in general.  The modern mom is connected, social and mobile – while that’s not a newsflash, some current trends about how moms are consuming media and engaging in social networking may surprise you.

Here are just four of the many insights about how moms are using technology and consuming various forms of media that I gleaned from the Moms and Media 2018 report released from Edison Research:

1.  Mom’s Social Networking Habits

A media trend to watch is mom and Facebook – though Facebook usage is still high for mom, there is a decrease: 84% usage in 2017 vs. 79% usage in 2018.

Nearly one in five Facebook users — 18.4% — say they are using Facebook less than they did a year ago, according to a new poll of 1,000 people by Honest Data, a market research firm run by pollster Tavis McGinn, who used to work at Facebook.

These numbers could be a blip for 2018 or, they may signify the beginning of a downward trend.

2. What Does Mobile Mean to Mom

No shocking surprises when it comes to what mobile means for mom in 2018 – underscoring mobile’s role as the primary way to reach millennial moms, new research shows this group’s smartphone ownership outpaces desktop and laptop computers, with more time spent online via phones.

Moms are never out of touch: 92% own smartphone:  98% of moms have internet access from many locations (home, work, school, etc.) – stressing the fact that internet is important for mom as most day-to-day tasks are done on line (scheduling appointments, shopping, checking kids grades, etc.).

3. Moms are Creating New Media

We moms are into creating and that ability factors into new media  . . . simply because of our content usage, we remain a driving force in new media!

Moms and their growing relationship with Podcasts: Podcasts continue to interest moms with notable gains from 2017 — 19% of moms have listened to podcasts alone in this last week!

Smart speakers have Mom’s attention: 82% of moms have heard of Amazon Alexa and 66% of moms have heard of Google Home.  Overall, the percentage of moms who have heard of each type of smart speaker has quadrupled since last year with 23% of moms owning a smart speaker.  This is a trend Edison noted they’ll continue to watch as speakers gain more and more integration.

4. Some things Never Change: Radio and Moms

Radio usage remains strong with moms.

Radio continues to play a significant role in mom’s life with 78% of moms reporting having listened to AM/FM radio in the past week.

Moms are an influential part of the family tree and play an active and powerful role within the tech arena.  They’re also adapting to the new media landscape by using new forms of technologies, which amplifies the need to make sure we continue to know how and where to reach them – on radio and modern media!

(Read more of my notes from the Edison Moms and Media 2018 report here.)


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