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Standing on True Conviction

Leading in Sunday's special worship service for delegates at the Republican National Convention, Pastor Jim Garlow said, "If there's going ...
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What Do I Say to My Daughter?

As I was watching the news unfold regarding the tragedy in Dallas, I thought to myself, "what am I going ...
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Going Beyond the Pain

There's no question it's been a painful week in our country.  In response to the horrific death and destruction in ...
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After Last Week, What Now?

The tragic shootings in Dallas, and the equally tragic events that led up to those shootings, cause us all to ...
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Unknown Outcome

I clearly remember the day that I conquered The Matterhorn.  It was sometime in the late 60's. Now my triumph ...
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Praying for Your Children

While raising kids, there are markers that define each stage of growth.  When you see them take their first steps, ...
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The Missing Piece

We have a puzzle that's been in the family for years.  We've put it together and taken it a part ...
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“Who’s Who” on Focus on the Family

Have you seen who's on the upcoming guest list for Focus on the Family?  It's a "who's who" of popular ...
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Like Drinking From a Firehose!

We recently received an email from a station manager who said that reading through all of our emails was "like ...
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