By: Peggy Campbell July 8, 2020
[Of course, you now know what’s coming the next two weeks!]

1-Maroon colored cake

2-Fenway Park is home

3-Colorful bird OR popular chain for American dining featuring “gourmet burgers”

4-Enemy attack appears imminent

5-Snoopy’s nemesis

6-Campaign to end child poverty; get yours at Walgreens

7-Overnight flight

8-Thank you, Clara Barton

9-Clue that is intended to be misleading or distracting

10-Excessive bureaucracy

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Answers to last week’s “WHAT GOES UP” Trivia:

1-Biblical instruction to a short man     Come down!

2-Social gathering for a dance typically in a barn      Hoe down

3-What you must do to make the morning last         Slow down

4-Early 70s novel about a group of rabbits     Watership Down

5-According to the old spiritual, what God instructed Moses            Go down

6-Lower the level of difficulty, appeal to those with little education     Dumb down

7-Pillow filling          Duck down

8-Decisive confrontation … like at the O.K. Corral    Showdown

9-Always heard at the rocket launch    Countdown

10-Now familiar pandemic vernacular; cease operation            Shutdown



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