By: Peggy Campbell July 1, 2020

🙂 Seemed only fair …

1-Biblical instruction to a short man

2-Social gathering for a dance typically in a barn

3-What you must do to make the morning last

4-Early 70s novel about a group of rabbits

5-According to the old spiritual, what God instructed Moses

6-Lower the level of difficulty, appeal to those with little education

7-Pillow filling

8-Decisive confrontation … like at the O.K. Corral

9-Always heard at the rocket launch

10-Now familiar pandemic vernacular; cease operation

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Answers to last week’s “WHAT’S UP!” Trivia:

1-What little girls love to do—some big ones too.    DRESS UP

2-Per the tune that Al & Joni love to sing, what the saints of God need to do.                 CHEER UP!

3-Be quiet!   SHUT UP 

4-Lipstick/powder/blush OR restore relationship.   MAKE UP 

5-Instruction to the Sleepyhead.           WAKE UP

6-Behave mischievously OR what you do to a carrot, for instance.       CUT UP

7-Truck, football game, hitchhiker, fast food.            PICK-UP

8-Suffer a breakdown OR burst into laughter.           CRACK UP

9-What ye/we soldiers of the cross must do, lifting high His royal banner.           STAND UP

10-Three-D books, mostly for kids.       POP-UP


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