By: Jennifer Perez April 24, 2017

Last Friday, April 21st, marked the fifth anniversary of Chuck Colson’s death, a day I won’t ever forget since it was my 40th birthday. As he was to so many, Chuck was a hero to me and I had the fortunate opportunity to meet him and visit with him a few times in my years of serving BreakPoint/The Colson Center.

Chuck was and still is the example of a life that was completely transformed by Jesus Christ, and his testimony is one that I hope we continue to share to future generations.

You’re a part of this legacy by continuing to air BreakPoint programming. On Friday’s broadcast, Eric Metaxas said,

It is impossible for me to overstate the influence Chuck Colson had on my life and on the lives of millions: from the prisoners he visited to the listeners of this radio program. And I miss him so badly. So today, on the fifth anniversary of his death, I’d like you to hear the story of Chuck’s birth: That is, his re-birth in Jesus Christ. And I’d like you to hear it from him.”

Here’s Chuck, talking about the thirtieth anniversary of his conversion (listen).

And John Stonestreet commented, “It was five years ago that God called home his servant Chuck Colson. Working with him was among the great honors of my life, as is inheriting the microphone of BreakPoint . . . he is greatly missed.”

Let’s continue to tell Chuck’s story—his life and ministry—even as we share how Christ redeemed us and works through us today.

Thank you for your continued partnership on behalf of John, Eric, and the team at The Colson Center.


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