By: Jennifer Perez August 25, 2017

Years ago when I served in the High School Ministry at my church, we placed road signs at the front of the stage as a visual reminder for the students. One sign said “World’s Way” and the other sign at the opposite end said, “God’s Way.”  The intention of these signs was to serve as a reminder that when they come to a fork in the road, they’ll have to make a choice of which road to take.  And, the more they get to know God’s ways, they’ll know which direction He’s leading them.

And, this visual serves as a reminder for us today.  The need to teach believers how to live in a world that turns its back on truth was so clear to Chuck Colson.  And the firm foundation he laid is not only biblically solid – but has proven to be culturally prophetic.

Today, the Colson Center continues Chuck’s legacy to unite even more Christians with a worldview consistent with God’s truth. But the news is often deeply discouraging – even to the strongest believers.

That’s why Jordan, a faithful listener, recently wrote to thank BreakPoint for helping him keep a pulse on the culture while still remaining hopeful in Christ.  He shares…

What I love about BreakPoint is the fact that there’s always a positive perspective to the issue being spoken of, no matter how saddening the issue is. And perhaps because it’s such a brief segment, the content is focused on one issue at a time and is not too overwhelming for my soul to bear . . .

It’s easy to become overwhelmed with the negativity of our culture, and so BreakPoint desires to help believers like Jordan stay hopeful, informed, and engaged in the culture.  We thank you for your partnership on behalf of BreakPoint and The Colson Center, as together we help guide listeners down the one way street that leads to a life of clarity and purpose vs. a life of confusion and destruction.

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