By: Jennifer Perez April 23, 2018

There’s a reason why TV shows like “This Is Us” are so popular and make even grown men cry (or weep.)  The story lines grip us in powerful ways because when it comes to the topic of family, we can all relate to the joys and the struggles that come in the life of a family.  Family is a foundational part of every life.

In a series for May called, “This is Family,” Jim Garlow underscores the critical need for thinking biblically about marriage and family. The Garlow Perspective is that biblical marriage is God’s educational tool to get biblical values into the hands of the next generation.

Each daily feature in May shares biblical instruction with practical tips for parents covering topics such as . . .

  • the gift of children
  • setting boundaries
  • church life
  • disciplining and stewarding your children

Here’s a sample feature . . .

Don’t give up on the biblical family—it’s as significant as ever in God’s plan!  Our families are supposed to be such that people who don’t know about Jesus will say, “Wow, what do you know that I don’t know?” or “What is it about your marriage that we need in ours?”

Even in a broken world, the family is God’s primary dream.  It’s the trophy He’s so proud of.  It’s God’s educational unit, in so many dimensions, to get the baton of truth, to get biblical values into the hands of the next generation—done intentionally by parents and grandparents as well!  Many try—and will keep trying—to destroy it by redefining it—and yet it still stands!

If you are not currently airing “The Garlow Perspective,” but would like to air this special series, please let us know.


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