By: Peggy Campbell March 1, 2019

One more week of movie history.  Name the film that lost; name the film that beat it, if you can!

1-1939:  Tin Man, Coward Lion, Scarecrow and Liza M’s mom.  (Beat by “Frankly, Scarlett …)

2-1941:  A sled named Rosebud.  (Beat by story of Welsh coal miners.)

3-1946:  The sound of a bell ringing—and you know what that means!  (Beat by WW2 vets’ story—in fact, Best Supporting Actor Oscar went to the man who played one of the returning vets who had actually lost both hands in the war.)

4-1950:  The original edition of popular Steve Martin/Diane Keaton film.  (Who played in original?)  (Beat by story of a cunning actress name for Adam’s wife.)

5-1952:  The Duke and Maureen O’Hara in Irish setting.  (Beat by Circus story with Tony Curtis and Burt Lancaster—oh, and Gina Lollobrigida :).)

6-1955:  Henry Fonda on a warship.  (Beat by the story of a mentally challenged fellow—the acting lead later captained a PT boat in a comedy series.)

7-1957:  Henry Fonda in a jury room.  (Beat by one of my all-time favorite WW2 movies about POWs building a crossing.)

8-1965:  Based on Boris Pasternak novel, starring a famous Egyptian mustache :).  (Beat by a singing nun, seven kids and a handsome Captain.)

9-1977:  The elongated series is still killing it on the big screen but it all started with young Harrison, Mark and Carrie.  (Beat by Diane Keaton role.)

10-1993:  Matured Harrison Ford in a gripping murder mystery (that train wreck scene!).  (Beat, appropriately, by Steven Spielberg’s masterpiece WW2 story.)

And the winner is…you?  See if your answers are right — email Peggy to see how well you did!


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