By: Peggy Campbell January 20, 2017

1-Who was the first president to be sworn into office in Washington DC?

2-Which President’s inaugural speech was the first to be heard on radio?  (Know the year?)

3-First inauguration to be streamed live on the internet?  Year?

4-Who delivered the longest inaugural address?  Why did that become particularly significant?  Whose was shortest?

5-Can you name the youngest president at swearing-in; how about the oldest?

6-Care to guess the warmest inauguration on record–who was being sworn in and temperature?  How about the coldest?

7-Can you name the two Presidents who actually walked the parade route from Capitol to White House?

8-Who is the only president to be sworn in by a woman?

9-What phrase has been used im nearly every ceremony but is not actually a part of the official oath?

10-Who is the only president to be sworn into office having garnered zero votes for President or Vice President?

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