By: Jennifer Perez January 15, 2018

In an important feature airing on “The Garlow Perspective” this week, Jim Garlow says, “People are turned off by the church—and that will continue to be the case if we’re all “form” and no “power!”

Jim is a pastor who can clearly see this.  Here is his point . . .

If we have merely a “form of religion” without the power of God, the church will exist—but for what?  Look at most church calendars and you’ll see announcements of upcoming events, a music group putting on a concert, rummage sales—quilting parties, and leadership seminars—announcements you can read in any publication that calendars events.

How are we different?

What happened to the “church?”  The book of Acts records the apostles healing the sick, casting out demons, leading people to Christ.  It’s what I signed up for as a pastor!  It’s the kind of team I want to be on!  How about it?

Recent studies echo Jim’s message, reporting that 59% of millennials who were raised in church are no longer attending.  Why?  The resounding reason they say they’re “over church” is because it’s a place that lacks action, authenticity, and discipleship.  The next generation desires a place where they can make an impact while being mentored in the process.  What better place for young Christian millennials to feel they can truly make a difference with their gifts and talents than at their churches?

Something to think about!

For Pastor Jim and “The Garlow Perspective,” we thank you for sharing these insights with your audience with the hope that it’s making an impact.


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