By: Michelle Blood January 30, 2018

Foundation: a basis (such as a tenet, principle, or axiom) upon which something stands or is supported.

In his 49 years as a pastor and Bible teacher, John MacArthur has preached more than 3,000 sermons.  What are his best-known messages, the ones that most clearly define John and Grace to You’s ministry?

Find out in February when “Grace to You” presents a 4-week study covering the foundational aspects of Christian faith.  It’s a fast-paced, crash course in some basics of Christian doctrine, belief, and practice.  This series, Foundations, Volume One, starts February 8 and is John’s “best of” study covering:

  • the sufficiency of Scripture
  • the holiness of God
  • dealing with sin
  • forgiveness
  • family unity
  • the return of Christ
  • heaven
  • creation vs. evolution
  • the 12 disciples
  • the simple message of the gospel

All are key lessons on vital subjects that will provide a basis for Christian growth in your listener’s lives.  For more details and to see what resources are available in February (coinciding with the series) download the Program Tool Kit now.

Pause for a moment, if you will, and consider how many thousands of lives have been impacted for eternity because of John MacArthur’s preaching.  It’s rather incredible and all because of his unwavering commitment to preach the truth of God’s Word.

Likewise, your commitment–as well as other station partners (many of whom have been airing “Grace to You” for 40 years)–to continue airing the broadcast, allows the gospel to reach a new generation of listeners hungry for the truth.  Know we’re deeply grateful.

Looking forward to the year ahead and our partnership together with Grace to You in unleashing God’s truth, one verse at a time.  



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