By: Michelle Blood March 8, 2017

“You’re either trusting yourself and your achievements, or Christ.  And when you trust Christ all your achievements become rubbish.” – John MacArthur

Do you know someone who has that dream job?  Or maybe someone who is well-respected at the office or in the community and is admired by his family and friends?  You might ask, “What could possibly convince them their accomplishments are pointless and fit for nothing more than the garbage heap?”

Last week on Grace to You,” John MacArthur began addressing this very topic in his brand-new series, The Gospel According to Paul.  From this study, John shows listeners there is a prize more valuable than any earthly treasure.

Coinciding with the broadcast series is the release of John’s latest book by the same name.  John believes his book, The Gospel According to Paul, will help shape our understanding of the greatness and the glory of the gospel, increase our love for Christ make us more effective in ministry to others.

If your audience missed any part of the daily program this past week, be sure to point them to where they’ll have the opportunity to listen to (or download free) the full series and/or secure the book.

Speaking of … I encourage you to check out Grace to You’s new website. Here are just some of the new features you and your listeners will want to take advantage of:

  • A Mobile-Friendly Websitemore than half of’s visitors access the site from a mobile device. Now the site appears and functions in harmony with any device and screen size.
  • Grace Streamis a continuous broadcast of John MacArthur’s verse-by-verse teaching through the New Testament. Tune in whenever and for as long as you want. Grace Stream will cycle through the New Testament about every two months.
  • A New Topical Index—is extensive, and over one thousand-and counting-sermons have been topically tagged, along with hundreds of articles, blog posts, and Q&As.

In Orlando last week at this year’s NRB convention, the Grace to You team and I (pictured above) met with several station partners, some of them new to the NRB experience.  As part of our meeting time, the team presented a video greeting from John MacArthur (who couldn’t be with us as he was speaking at the Shepherd’s Conference at his church the same week).  You may not have been a part of our NRB meetings, but this video greeting is for you too (opens in Dropbox).

Grateful for all you’re doing to bring the truth of the Gospel to your community each and every day!   If there’s more we can do to support those efforts, please let me know.


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