By: Peggy Campbell June 18, 2020

That is, where did the “E” go?

1-Used for cereal / Intestine

2-Young boy / Take charge

3-A tiny piece of substance (sometimes in the eye?) / Expressive particularly in acting

4-Quite / All

5-June is filled with them / ABCDFs

6-Not him / Not there

7-Saturday yard chore / Cat’s vocalization

8-Fedora, beanie, cowboy, et al / Passionate dislike

9-Marry / CBD

10-Friend / Passageway between buildings

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Answers to last week’s “BACK TO THE SIXTIES” Trivia:

1-Stick out your thumb and hope for a free ride.     The Hitch-Hike

2-Krueger, Mercury, Prinze.       The Freddie

3-A favorite on every Thanksgiving table.       The Mashed Potato

4-Instructions on a bottle cap these days.      The Twist

5-The power of moving from place to place (often connected to rail transport).    The Locomotion

6-Little or George or divan.         The Chicken [did they do that at the weddings this past weekend???]

7-African ethnic group.                The Watusi

8-Shaking, especially abornmal vibration of the wheels of a motor vehicle.         The Shimmy

9-Steve Martin film.           The Jerk

10-Toad misspelled.          The Frug


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