By: Peggy Campbell July 14, 2020

1-Usually wearing shining armor

2-35 bathrooms, 3 elevators, 28 fireplaces … and a Rose Garden

3-A staple for every conference room brainstorming session

4-Renown for small square hamburgers

5-Trivial untruth (as if!)

6-A popular Christmas season exchange

7-Often seen on roller coaster or bumpy airplane rides

8-Snow storm OR used for erasing typing errors

9-Authoritative report or guide meant to help readers understand the issue

10-Thank you, Jefferson Airplane

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Answers to last week’s “RED…” Trivia:

1-Maroon colored cake    Red Velvet

2-Fenway Park is home    Red Sox

3-Colorful bird OR popular chain for American dining featuring “gourmet burgers”            Red Robin

4-Enemy attack appears imminent       Red Alert!

5-Snoopy’s nemesis          Red Baron

6-Campaign to end child poverty; get yours at Walgreens             Red Nose

7-Overnight flight               Red eye

8-Thank you, Clara Barton           Red Cross

9-Clue that is intended to be misleading or distracting       Red herring

10-Excessive bureaucracy           Red tape


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