By: Peggy Campbell September 22, 2020

All finalists for 2020 Hall of Fame induction!  Uh, TOYS, that is!

1-Build a tower of wooden blocks; take turns pulling out a block before watching it tumble.

2-Based on the ancient Indian cross, players move their pieces around the board, attempting to get all pieces “home” before any other player.

3-Introduced in 1981 (before the end of the decade, more than 150 million would be sold), the horses feature colorful bodies, manes and a unique symbol on one or both sides of their flanks (“cutie marks”).

4-Popular at Senior Centers and Catholic gatherings J, players match numbers printed in different arrangements on cards.

5-The standard schoolroom item became a popular tool for every home’s driveway or front cement path.

6-Began as Mattel product, catapulted into TV and cinematic fame featuring heroes such as He-Man in kingdoms of Eternia and Grayskull.

7-A strategy board game of diplomacy, conflict and conquest.  Hmmm—sounds like politics today!

8-Launched 1967, a box with small colored plastic pegs that can be creatively illuminated.

9-“Rolled out” in 1956, the game consists of rolling five dice to make certain combinations.

10-So … this is tough.  I dropped off Baby Nancy and Tamagotchi (the other two for total of 12 on the list) in favor of these.  Both Joni and I would be likely collectors of these models of a favorite animal.  Get as close as you can because I’m thinking most likely no one will get the brand here!  (I will bring a couple of mine from the 50s for show and tell!)

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Answers to last week’s  “ALL FLUFF” Trivia:

No, this is not a quiz on political speeches J.

1-Mike Lindell’s invention.          PILLOW

2-Classic top of a lemon pie.       MERINGUE

3-Per Stones instruction, get off of mine!       CLOUD

4-Circus, fair, baseball game—no matter where you have it, it’s pink (usually) delight. COTTON CANDY

5-The P of IHOP … and I don’t mean prayer.              PANCAKES

6-Turkish or Terry—best out of the dryer.                 TOWEL

7-Denver, Western, Spinach and Mushroom … et al.            OMELETTE

8-Despicable Me prize.

9-Mr. Hearn of Laker fame.         CHICK

10-Favored for make-up removal or dog’s ear cleaning.            COTTON SWAB


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