By: Lee Ann Jackson January 1, 2018

Every new year, I spend time reflecting on Bible verses and quotes that impacted me the most.

One of my 2017 highlights was a short term mission’s trip to Quito, Ecuador.  I wasn’t looking to be a part of the team as the reality of time, finances and, frankly, uncertainty of what I could contribute to the team, weighed heavily on me. However, after I prayerfully considered it, I knew I was being called to have faith . . .  that He’d opened the door, that He would provide and that I should go!

One of the quotes I claimed for the trip was from Jim Elliot, missionary to Ecuador, “He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose.”

It was during my two week time in South America that God taught me significantly about giving up my time, finances and abilities to Him . . . in exchange for the opportunity to share about Jesus.

Listening to Anne Graham Lotz’s message on the “Living in the Light” weekend program this past weekend also greatly impacted me.  In the program, Anne speaks about Genesis 19 – specifically, about Lot and his wife.  It’s a very thought-provoking message with a particular quote which still resonates with me, “Your decisions reveal the desires in your heart.”  

Reflecting on Lot’s wife, Anne noted,

“Remember Lot’s wife.  She wanted what she wanted.  And she got it. She despised God’s gracious offer of salvation by clinging to our own pride and possessions.  Whoever tries to keep his life will lose it — do you want what you want or do you want what God wants for you?”

Anne included in her message a great story about a grandfather who offered his grandson jelly beans.  The grandfather told the little boy to reach into the bag of jelly beans and grab some.  The little boy said, “No, grandfather, you get the jelly beans for me.”  The grandfather urged the boy again to reach in and grab some jelly beans, but the boy once again, resisted and asked his grandfather to reach in and grab him the jelly beans.  So the grandfather finally reached into the bag, grabbed a handful of the jelly beans and gave them to his grandson.  The grandfather then asked the boy why he didn’t want to reach into the bag himself.  His reply was “grandfather, it’s because your hands are much larger.”

Anne notes in her message that Lot reached into the jelly bean jar and grabbed for himself what he wanted,

“But you know something, he got a lot less than he would have had he asked his heavenly father to reach in the jelly bean jar and give him what He wanted him to have. What do your decisions reveal about the desires in your heart?  Do you want what you want?  Or do you want what God wants you to have more than what you want?”

Thanks to Anne, I already have my first quote noted for 2018!

(Not yet airing Anne’s weekly program?  Contact Lee Ann today to add  it to your line-up for 2018!)


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