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Trivia: “SO LONG, RIO!”

Barely in the rearview mirror … remember this from 2016 Summer Olympics? 1-He broke the record books with a transformed ...
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Trivia: “RIO!”

1-It's the second longest river in the world.  (Do you know which is longer?) 2-Brazil encompasses over 3 million square ...
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Trivia: “10 DAYS IN AUGUST”

First … … AMEN! SO … 1-What renown playwright coined the term “Olympian” regarding athletes? 2-What do the rings ...
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1-Which President’s library sits on the Arkansas River in Little Rock?  (Kinda makes me wonder—will they do side-by-side Libraries or ...
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1-Happy Days family 2-Mr. Young of Salt Lake City fame 3-Site of horrendous church bombing 1963 4-Posh's married name 5-Bel-Air ...
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Trivia: “AILMENTs”

1-The cow kicked this over. 2-It wags. 3-Caesar must be here. 4-Meg Ryan got it from Tom Hanks. 5-Pacific Crest, ...
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Two answers each--what kind of animal and something more: 1-Dr. Doolittle has nothing on Scripture.  What animal talked and who ...
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Trivia: “IT IS WELL”

1-Multinational conglomerate company, manufacturer of everything from thermostats to aerospace products. 2-Marketing guru and prolific author. 3-Designated Lord Protector, he ...
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Trivia: “WHICH STORE?”

1-Founded 1969 in SF, the store began by selling Levi's and records. 2-Began in 1975 (Albany CA) where the original ...
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