By: Jim Sanders May 3, 2018

Any time Jim Sanders brings his acclaimed salsa to the office, it’s cause for a celebration! Our staff Cinco de Mayo nacho bar was such an occasion, when he made a large batch and agreed to share the recipe.  For your own Cinco de Mayo and other summer meals … we’d highly encourage trying “Jim’s Famous Salsa!” Jim says the mixture is actually the result of a “recipe swap” with a neighbor. “I gave him my creamed corn recipe and I got the salsa,” he says. “Every batch is different . . . that’s what makes it fun.”


  • One can crushed tomatoes
  • 6-8 fresh chopped tomatoes
  • One large chopped white onion
  • One bunch chopped green onion
  • Cilantro to taste
  • Serrano pepper to taste
  • Crushed red pepper to taste
  • Salt to taste
  • Lawry’s seasoned pepper to taste
  • Lawry’s garlic salt to taste


  1. Add everything together in a bowl and use a handheld blender to adjust the consistency.
  2. If you like it hot: Add more crushed red pepper, and/or Tabasco sauce.

What do you add to your salsa?  Let us know in the comments below!

What Stations are Saying
  • Emmitt Fowler

    This sounds great, Jim! We use jallepeno, cumin and a splash of vinegar. But the secret ingredient for me is Hatch green chile.
    Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to trying your recipe!

  • Jay Payleitner

    Jim! I fully appreciate your recipe. But you need to know I make the best fresh salsa in the Midwest.

    Not unlike yours, but here’s the difference. Fresh garlic. A squeeze of fresh lime. Chopped green bell pepper. And even a bit of chopped carrots. (That’s mostly just for color.) But the biggest question is, why would you introduce canned tomatoes to a bowl of fresh veggies!? I would skip the Lawry’s spices because that also can take away from the bright taste of all just-harvested goodness.

    My lunch the last two days was corn chips dipping into a cereal bowl with my fresh salsa, a blop of sour cream, and a half-cup of grated cheddar. But alas, it’s all gone. Today’s lunch will probably be PB&J.

    Jay Payleitner


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