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Here’s the Good News … But First the Bad

Is the gospel a New Testament concept only?  Where do you first read about God’s redemptive plan—somewhere before Matthew, Mark, ...
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Jesus – The God Who Knows Your Name

“Jesus. What comes to mind when you hear that name?” Hearing this question recently caught me off-guard. What do I ...
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The Bestselling Book of All Time

I’ve added a new podcast to my library – the BBC’s Deserted Islands.  It’s an intriguing podcast in which a ...
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Celebrity Factor

When it comes to celebrities and Christianity, I’m skeptical.  I’m afraid I’ve grown to believe that, in large measure, notoriety ...
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Recruiting All Volunteers!

How would you answer these three questions? Why were you born? Where is the pain in your life? What are ...
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Am I Really a Christian?

Many true believers struggle with assurance of salvation.  Was it when I “walked the aisle,” or was it when I ...
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We Hold Onto Hope

“No matter how far the culture strays from the truth, there is always the hope of redemption in Jesus Christ.” ...
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Boy in Wheelchair Awed to See Someone Like Him in Target Ad

You’ve likely seen the picture and read the heartwarming story about the little boy in a wheelchair who was stopped ...
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God’s Good and Loving Purposes

Not a week goes by when I haven't heard from a friend or family member who is facing a significant ...
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